Top 5 Gifts for Girls that you can’t get at the mall

So, I’m all about shopping local this Christmas because I want to prove that you can completely avoid the mall and still get really cool gifts. And I definitely proved it on this King Street shopping trip. Okay, I cheated a bit this time – I brought in a ringer… fashionista blogger Courtney of La Belle Sirene accompanied me!

Here are our top 5 picks from our trip to some great little shops in the city:


There is no such thing as too many scarves. They are a necessity for keeping warm during our ridiculous Canadian winters, and they can turn outerwear into an outfit – like magic. Sexton in the City is chock full of different scarves, all at really affordable prices, like this plaid blanket scarf for only 25 bucks! Courtney said these retail for three times the price at a popular mall chain store.


I’d take a pass on cutesy slippers in the shape of animals, as they actually seem more bent on death by tripping than anything else, but when you come across something as unique as these cozy holiday slipper booties, you’ve got a winner. These are at Dakota Mae for $48, and every girl who walked into the store immediately pointed to them and said, “I want those!”


You can’t go wrong with some kind of jewellery made by a local artist. White Elephant, which opened a second outlet in Westdale this year, has a lot of beautiful baubles. I especially loved these delicate ceramic rings, but there were scores of earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces that I hemmed and hawed over because they were all so lovely.


In case you haven’t heard, Hamilton is awesome. I particularly love all the stuff that proclaims a love of our fair city, and it makes a cool gift for a girl who either lives in Hamilton, or doesn’t live in Hamilton but has heard you brag all the time about how great it is.  Girl on the Wing has this cool throw pillow that would look particularly awesome in my office.


I like to grab a few Christmasy handmade items like these local hand-painted ornaments. They make a cool little gift to bring to the host of a holiday party, or to tuck in with a Christmas card for a co-worker. I found these little gems at Girl on the Wing.

Happy Shopping! Keep it local!

Sexton in the City, 789 King Street West, Hamilton

 Dakota Mae, 1050 King Street West, Hamilton

 White Elephant, 1032 King Street West, Hamilton

 Girl on the Wing, 181 King Street East, Hamilton


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Top 5 Gifts for Girls that you can’t get at the mall


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