The Hamilton biz that professionally styles you online

If shopping isn’t your favourite thing to do, you’ll be happy to hear there’s a business that will style you with professional career wear and deliver it right to your door every month. The company is Styleyes Fashion Crate, owned and operated by Nancy Wiskel of Hamilton. Nancy worked in the corporate sector for many years, travelled for business, and saw a need for a service that would help provide busy women with professional clothing. She seeks out clothing lines that specialize in quality material that wear well during long work days and hours of travel.

Nancy Wiskel, owner of Styleyes Fashion Crate


I had the opportunity to have a peek inside a typical crate that a subscriber might receive (each crate is curated according to the subscriber’s taste), with Nancy giving me some style advice based on my personal preferences. I mentioned that I prefer pretty simple easy looks, normally without accessories like necklaces or bracelets, which I find distracting to wear.

Nancy chose this Alison Sheri top for me because of its dramatic wing collar that doesn’t necessarily require the extra embellishment of an accessory. The pant is one of her most popular because they are universally flattering and a staple in any professional wardrobe.

Wing collar on a baby blue Alison Sheri blouse


If you check out Nancy’s Facebook page, you’ll find a video on shirt tucking – to tuck or not to tuck. With this particular blouse, she suggests using the Tan France (of Queer Eye) method, also known as the French tuck, where you tuck a small portion of the front so that you get the benefit of tucked in look that elongates the legs and looks more polished, but you still get the comfort of having a mostly untucked shirt.

If you wear a lot of dress pants, you’ll want to get your hands on these. They pull on like a pair of comfortable track pants, but look totally sleek and professional. The high quality fabric has enough stretch to make them your constant go-to for comfort, and they’ll look as fresh as when you first put them on as they will at the end of a long day of sitting, commuting, or running around. The top has the same quality that resists creasing, so you can put on an outfit like this in the morning when you know you have a presentation late in the day and be confident that you’ll still look crisp and put together.

Outfit styled by Styleyes Fashion Crate


If the idea of having perfectly styled outfits delivered to your home every month sounds like a dream come true to you too, check out Styleyes Fashion Crate here.

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-Suzanne, The Generator

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The Hamilton biz that professionally styles you online


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