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The Human Touch of Social Platforms

In a recent episode of Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Future with Amanda Calzolaio, Suzanne Zandbergen shares her passion for social media platforms as a medium to spread positivity into community and with local businesses. She discusses how new connections and perspectives can be found with audiences using social media marketing by focusing on a Founder’s story or that of the

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The Showroom a flourishing fashion designer hub in Hamilton

There’s a new fashion hub in Hamilton And it’s a place that’s overflowing with innovation and creativity. I recently visited The Showroom, a large studio space located at the Cotton Factory, flooded with natural light from huge windows. I was fortunate to meet up with two of the fashion designers that use the space. Both Leslie Smith-Aragona and Ash Bullock

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Lick the Whisk | The Generator Hamilton Ontario Social Media Marketing Photo 1

Lick the Whisk: Fempreneurship Through the Generations

Lick the Whisk Fempreneurship Through the Generations On Barton street just off James St North, two next door neighbours share more than just a neighbourhood…they share a family! Mother, Maria Silva, is owner of The Little Grasshopper Café; a family-owned business specializing in Canadian and Portuguese Cuisine. This neighbourhood favourite, open since 2015, serves up everything from breakfast classics to

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