Snooty Fox does #Novemburger right!

#Novemburger is a simple concept – local restaurants feature a specific burger during the month of November and Urbanicity promotes the heck out of ’em, and lets you rate them online ( It’s actually quite genius, because everyone loves an excuse to eat a hamburger, and supporting a local event is a great excuse!

Except for one tiny problem – vegetarians. Ah, yes, we’re an annoying bunch, but for whatever our reasons for not partaking in the fountain of flesh, we will not be ignored! Especially on social media. So I took to Twitter, of course.

I loved that @UrbanicityYHM was very quick to reply that one participating restaurant was offering a veggified version of their Novemburger. The Snooty Fox was quick to hop on the Twitter thread and spread the news as well. It’s always awesome when a business responds quickly to a demand, and can take advantage of the positive momentum on social media.


So I participated in the rite of stuffing my face along with the rest of #HamOnt, and subsequently rated my delicious veggie “Coyote” burger on the site, along with posting the obligatory food porn shots on our Facebook page and Twitter account. And hey, here they are again – because you can never have too many pictures of food.



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Snooty Fox does #Novemburger right!


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