Sharon Carolan, Realtor and Runner, talks FAB Foundation


REALTOR Sharon Carolan is more than just an avid Hamilton supporter and experienced real estate agent, she’s also a runner, philanthropist, and volunteer. Her involvement with the running community has lead her to being a large sponsor and volunteer with the FAB Foundation, a charity that helps girls with their self-esteem and encourages an active lifestyle.

We hear you’re an avid runner. Can you tell us more about that? When did you start? 

I was active in sports starting in elementary school and took part in track and field events. As a teen and throughout my twenties I ran on my own and stuck to distances of 5K to 8K. In 2004 I ran my first marathon and in 2006 I ran The Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon and New York City Marathon. I continue to run three or four times per week and half marathons have been my longest race distance over the last few years. 

Burlington Runners Club

What groups do you run with and what attracted you to these groups?

I have been an active member of The Burlington Runners Club for 15 years. It’s a non-profit organization that puts on four race events each year and gives back significant donation amounts to community causes. Throughout those 15 years, I have made many very close friends through BRC. I volunteer at all of their events, have been a board member for 5 years and act as the club social director. I often run with Lower City Runners from Hamilton City Hall on Tuesday evenings and I have recently participated in the Around the Bay clinic at Runners Den in Westdale. 

What got you into working with FAB Foundation?

Through running events, I became friends with FAB’s founder and executive director, Sharon Gallant. She approached me about sponsorship and volunteering. Prior to getting into real estate I worked in children’s services. The work FAB does with youth girls combined with the relationship to running and The City of Hamilton are a good fit for me. 

Photo courtesy of FAB Foundation

Can you tell us more about the foundation? How long have you been involved?

I have been involved with FAB since 2009. FAB (The Fit, Active, Beautiful, Foundation) operates programs for youth girls throughout the City of Hamilton. During the 12 week program the girls learn to run 5 kilometers, with a focus on goal setting and self esteem building. Many of the girls that participate in the program would otherwise not have access to similar activities for a variety of reasons. FAB is a non-profit, charitable organization and is run by a volunteer board, event committees and volunteer program coaches. 

What are some of the goals for the foundation? 

FAB started as a program for girls in grades 6,7 and 8 and has now grown to include girls in high school. Over time, the plan is to increase the number of locations in which the program operates and to eventually move into other communities outside of Hamilton. Hamilton will always be the base. 

FAB Foundation website photo

And finally, can you tell us about the next event and how people can get involved? 

The next event is the annual 5K Community Challenge. This event takes place at the conclusion of the 12 week program and all of the FAB girls participate by running the 5K race. It is truly inspiring to watch. It is one of FAB’s most important fundraising events and many avid runners from the community take part to help raise money for the charity. It takes place on Saturday, June 9th at Confederation Park. Registration is available on the FAB websiteIf you’re a runner please come out and join us and help raise funds for this great organization. 

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Sharon Carolan, Realtor and Runner, talks FAB Foundation


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