How to do a Simple Green Smoothie Detox

Congratulations on your decision to do a green smoothie detox! (Or a better name would be smoothie feast!) Your body will thank you for it.

First off, you should breathe easy. You aren’t going to starve yourself for a week with this plan… you can restrict your diet to 3-5 smoothies a day, or add in some kicker superfoods, or fresh pressed juices, even light food. If you stick to this smoothie plan, you will be getting lots of nutrients, including lots of alkalinizing minerals, and enough natural sugars to keep you going. For the detox, you have smoothies that are low fat and protein, and some lower in fibre, to give your digestive system a break. If you feel hungry, just remind yourself what an amazing thing you are doing for your body! It can be an empowering experience to know that you are taking charge of your health and making a positive change in your life.

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Preparing for your Detox Days 

There are a few things that are recommended you do to support your body when you undertake a detox. It is best not to jump right in; a few “shoulder” days on either end of a detox will help your body adjust. Eat light vegan food (mostly raw) for several days going into your detox and coming out of it. You can also support the body’s detoxification process through routines such as yoga, massage, using saunas and dry skin brushing.

To help make your detoxification experience a success

  1. Start every day with a cup of warm water and fresh lemon juice. This drink will serve to flush the digestive system, stimulate the liver and kidneys and alkalinize your whole body.
  2. For 2-4 days before and after a smoothie detox, eat simple meals consisting mainly of brown rice or other whole grains, raw or steamed vegetables and miso broth. Ginger and cayenne can be added to flavour soups to stimulate circulation.
  3. Remember to drink plenty of water. At least 2 litres of purified or filtered water a day will help to stimulate the function of your primary detox organs – the kidneys, liver and digestive system.

  4. Chew your smoothies! Digestion begins in the mouth, so we recommend that you swish your smoothie around before you swallow in order to start the enzymatic action.
  5. After finishing your detox, continue trying to eat a clean diet, free from sugar, fried foods, meats, dairy, processed foods, alcohol and drugs.

Lifestyle suggestions

  1. Choose a week to do your detox when you will have time to relax and reflect, get some extra sleep and be mentally prepared for the challenge.

  2. Practice yoga, book a massage or spend time in a sauna. These physical practices will help remove toxins through the lymphatic system by sweating or other movements that “wring out” internal organs.

  3. If you do exercise, try keeping it to a low intensity – be gentle with your body while you are detoxifying.

The Green Smoothie Bar

Located at 236 James St. North in Hamilton, the Green Smoothie Bar has a few Smoothie Detox Plan options. All smoothies are made with 100% organic veggies and fruit. The smoothie choices for the detox plan are:

  • The Detox – Cucumber, celery, apple, ginger, turmeric, spinach and kale
  • The Sunrise – Beet, carrot, apple, ginger, cranberry, spinach and kale
  • Pineapple Mint – Pineapple, mint, spinach and kale
  • Lemon Ginger – Lemon, ginger, apple (optional), spinach and kale
  • Lime Parsley – Lime, parsley, spinach and kale

Each day you receive 1 large detox smoothie, 1 large sunrise smoothie and 1 other large smoothie from the list above. To supplement this, you can add 1-2 additional smoothies per day plus any kickers (which are superfoods such as spirulina, wheatgrass, milk thistle, etc). All smoothies and kickers purchased under the plan are 10% off the regular price.

  • 3 Day Smoothie Cleanse: $75
  • 4 Day Smoothie Cleanse: $100
  • 5 Day Smoothie Cleanse: $125

Remember, it’s important to consult with your doctor or other qualified health practitioner before undertaking any detox plan if you have any personal health concerns or questions.


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How to do a Simple Green Smoothie Detox


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