Entrepreneur living the dream, making kids’ dreams come true

Daniela Lazzaro is literally living the dream. She’s in the business of making dreams come true for kids, dressing up as their favourite princess, and hanging out with super heroes every day. We caught up with Daniela to find out more about how she started Minikinz Entertainment, a local children’s entertainment company.

What’s the story behind how you started your business?

“I have always loved to entertain. After graduating an intensive acting program in Toronto, I was able to pursue my dreams professionally in the Canadian and American film industry over the last decade in both large scale and small scale television productions. I have also always LOVED working with kids and never really knew how to bridge the two passions. It wasn’t until I started working as a Disney princess imitator for another agency that I realized I can combine the two passions! That is when I decided to launch Minikinz Entertainment.”


Tell us about your products or services you offer. What makes it unique?

“Minikinz Entertainment specializes in quality princess parties, super heroes, and more. Our princesses and super hero services are incredibly professional and authentic. All of our team are working actors who are local to the GTHA region, and all of our costumes are handmade from across the world to help ensure the utmost character authenticity. Most importantly, our team absolutely loves working with kids!

From the way we speak, sing, act, move, and interact, we are trained to mimic the characters to the utmost detail and specification. Kids feel like they are meeting their favourite princesses and heroes in person and we work hard to install a positive message in all of our parties. From the moment we walk in to the moment we leave an event, we are continually in character and there to make the children feel special and loved.”

What advice do you have for someone wanting to start a business?

“Get educated before you jump in. I started with business classes and a government grant. I learned from mentors across Canada and the United States, who were passionate about helping young entrepreneurs in the art industry succeed and continue their growth in the years to come. Never think you know enough or that you have arrived. Be ready to innovate, think in new ways and challenge yourself to go the distance!”

What business tool could you not live without?

“I am incredibly detailed oriented and organized. In an industry where you have people calling a dozen times a day asking for different characters and package information, going to meetings, acting gigs, performances, auditions, etc, I have to stay on top of every single event. Google sheets and Google calendar help me micro manage everything for myself and for my staff. It’s a simple tool, but sometimes simple is all you need.”


Where do you see your company or yourself in 5 years?

“In 5 years I hope to see this company on a grander scale. In 2019 we’ll be launching our YouTube channel called, “MiniTube”! We will be featuring all of our services online, services such as: princesses, arts and crafts, educational songs, super hero episodes and Zumba kids dance episodes. It is an exciting process that will certainly be a lengthy journey, but I am excited for my team and I to think big and get big!”

What do you love most about the Hamilton area?

“Moving from Toronto has made me appreciate the community here and all while not being far from nature and not too from the big city life.”




Find out more about Minikinz:

On Facebook at www.facebook.com/MinikinzEntertainment

And Instagram – www.instagram.com/officialminikinz


Minikinz is a member of the Hamilton Fempreneurs, a group of over 2,500 local female business owners, co-founded by The Generator. Join the free Facebook group here.


-Suzanne, The Generator

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Entrepreneur living the dream, making kids’ dreams come true


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