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There’s nothing like a good live tweeting session to make an event come to life. I like to live tweet when I’m at any kind of event so that everyone on Twitter will definitely know SOMETHING IS GOING ON.

Basically what this entails is tweeting like crazy, using a specific hashtag repeatedly to mark it as part of an event, so that anyone who follows me or the hashtags I’m using will see all the tweets pouring in about the exciting thing that is happening.

Lectures or classes are great for live tweeting, because you can pass on seriously helpful bits of information right from the expert. I did this once at a seminar at Platform 302, (the coworking space where the Generator is a member). There was a tax accountant giving a talk about how to write off as much as possible, and as boring as this sounds, he was actually more like a rockstar up at the front, being peppered with questions by a roomful of entrepreneurs looking to save every penny on their tax returns. Every tip he mentioned, I tweeted, and got phenomenal engagement from people in Hamilton. Turns out there are quite a lot of small business owners out there who found the information useful!

There’s nothing quite so powerful as Twitter for engaging with people in the moment like this. It works so well for events. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been tweeting back and forth with someone at an event, end up meeting face to face, and it’s like we’ve known each other forever by that point.

Because I’m always live tweeting on behalf of other businesses, I represent each of these businesses wherever I am, so a social media interaction can easily go to an in person connection and a solid new potential customer for the business!


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Create A Buzz With Twitter


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