Bring your business back to the future!

So, you see a Back to the Future time machine replica rolling down the street. What do you do? Why, chase it of course, and take pictures when you catch up! And then post those photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. and watch the retweets, replies, favourites and likes ensue.

If you own a business and you want to market said business to the public to increase your number of clients or customers, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities going on around you. I never sit in on an interesting lecture without tweeting the main points that I know will be helpful or interesting to a large number of people. Twitter especially is an “in the moment” social channel and is awesome for creating excitement. For example, you can become known in your community as the company that knows everything about nutritional supplements if you talk about everything that’s important about health. If you attend a health-related tradeshow, talk to vendors, tweet any nuggets of wisdom they give you, make the event come alive to the people reading your tweets.

For me, I’ll be chasing that time machine again next Friday, because I talked to the owner and found out he’ll be displaying his people-magnet at The Zoetic then. The theatre, which is on Concession Street in Hamilton, is playing the original Back to the Future movie, and there will be a couple of DeLoreans on display, including the time machine. Sounds like a recipe for a great social media event to me, count me in!


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Bring your business back to the future!


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