2020 Women’s History Month Award highlights Canadian Black Women

Women Who Rock 2019. Photo credit: Kobby Krab

(The following is a repost with permission from the author, Evelyn Myrie)

“In 2015, I created a platform to celebrate Women’s History Month. Women Who Rock Awards came out of the frustration I felt by the absence of community events or programs that recognize the 1992 Canadian declaration of October as Women’s History Month.

Over the past five years, Women Who Rock Awards have highlighted 35 women and girls in the community who have made, and continue to make, a lasting impact in their field of endeavour or the community. We share their stories, to honour their contributions and to inspire others.

This year, we have taken an important decision to use the power of the Women Who Rock platform to focus on raising awareness about the intersections of racism and sexism. We have chosen to amplify the voices of Black women to accelerate conversations about anti-Black racism and long-needed change. The 2020 Women Who Rock Awards will be honouring six Black women who have shown themselves as leaders, changemakers, or behind-the-scenes star. The awards ceremony on October 25th will be held virtually due to the pandemic.

Paulette Senior, CEO and President of the Canadian Women’s Foundation will be be our featured speaker. A trailblazer in her own right, Senior has devoted her life and career to breaking down systemic barriers and building up diverse women and girls. Her personal experience immigrating to Canada from Jamaica as a young girl ignited her interest in social justice, and her career began in social services in some of Toronto’s most underserved neighbourhoods. She is a sought-after thought-leader on numerous issues including gender equity and gender-based violence, women’s poverty and the wage gap, girls’ empowerment, and leadership.

This month represents a unique opportunity for us to acknowledge and celebrate the past and present contributions of women to Canadian society. It also provides an opportunity to highlight how we all benefit today from the achievements of pioneering women in Canada, and in recognition of a year that has shone a light on the inequalities Black people face, Women Who Rock is proud to shine a light on Black women who have made a difference in our community.”

Evelyn Myrie, EMpower Strategy Group

To check out this year’s Women Who Rock nominees, follow:

Facebook: Womenwhowock

Instagram: @womenwhorock1

Twitter: @womenwhorockham

And grab your tickets for the event, happening Oct.25, at: http://women-who-rock.ca/


Photo credit: Kobby Krab, Women Who Rock 2019.

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2020 Women’s History Month Award highlights Canadian Black Women


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