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We are Hamilton’s leading social media company; it’s all we do. We will launch your business to new heights using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

We focus on authentic interactions with your customers and have genuine conversations with real people. We will never buy “likes” or followers. Your company’s goals drive the marketing strategy we create for you.

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One of our team members is assigned to you and learns your business inside and out. They work with you to create a voice of your brand on social media that is engaging and accessible to your current and potential clients. We consider ourselves a part of your team, and make it our business to learn everything about your business as though we were one of your employees.


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We’re constantly monitoring all of your platforms for mentions, comments, and inquiries so that replies are prompt and you never miss opportunities to connect with potential leads or feedback.


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At The Generator we’re not always sitting behind a desk, we’re out in the community at your business and your events engaging face-to-face and providing live coverage on your social media channels. We also visit your location to create a library of photography and videos to use for your posts, to ensure the most authentic content possible and avoid generic stock photography.


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We meet with you on a regular basis to discuss strategies, promotions, and challenges as well as provide you with a weekly report of your social media statistics, allowing us to monitor the success of ongoing promotions, and make adjustments on the fly.


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The Generator team are very knowledgable and passionate about social media. They helped CoMotion On King gain exposure throughout our local community to become the most talked about coworking space in Hamilton. As a startup, we turned to social media as our primary marketing channel. It has been a very cost effective lead generation tool for us.

Chad, Co-Founder at CoMotion On King

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